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Cultivate Your Relationship With Violence

Cultivate Your Relationship With Violence

by Alan Moore

“I have a high art: I hurt with cruelty those who would wound me.” ― Archilochus

An individual would be hard pressed to not hear about some horrific violent act occurring on a daily basis. Just as I write this, there are reports of a mass shooting in Missouri and more ISIS beheadings. This is nothing new as these things are quite common place. One of the reasons that I got into this business was to tip the odds into the favor good men and women while aiding in their conversion from sheep to sheepdog. Through all the training programs that I have done, one thing that stands out to me is how little of a relationship many students have with violence.

This came to my attention many years ago while instructing classes on blade work. To the timid, use of a knife at close ranges can be an emotionally and mentally taxing thing to experience IF your relationship with violence is at a low threshold. I start to see it immediately in the faces of students when I start describing techniques and the result of the action taken. When I start saying things like “this should puncture both jugulars while ripping the throat out upon exit” or explaining what a “blue worm” is; I see cringes on faces and squirming behavior from those listening. Tell me exactly what you thought a knife class was going to entail? I see these same things in the firearms classes and the combat archery classes. It becomes difficult after a while to continue to tell parents that we have classes that would be great for your child’s development of archery skills but the combat archery class contains mature subject matter.

When I bring this subject matter up to others, the question of “why do I need to have a relationship with violence……I’m a nice person” from them. First I will address the “nice person” comment with the quote of General James Mattis that says “Be polite, be professional but have a plan to kill everyone that you meet”. Most of the individuals that I know who have a strong relationship with violence are some of the nicest guys and gals you’ll ever meet. There is nothing hidden……there are no airs to put on for others as these individuals exude the “calm professional” type. One of my friends is in the business of training personal protection dogs. These dogs can go from tail wagging and having fun with the kids to taking on a gun wielding intruder in a split second. This is the mentality we should cultivate.

With violent crime on the rise, the chance of YOU being a part of a violent crime is very high. Muggings, kidnappings and violent assaults are all common occurrences in this world. Your chances of making it out unscathed are very rare. Do you want to be the person who turns into a jelly fish after being hit in the face because you’re never experienced such an act from another human being? Do you want to be the one who compromises everyone around you because you couldn’t hold it together because you saw some blood or do you want to be the one saving lives by applying tourniquets to severed limbs? A relationship with violence is not just all about the fight. After all, we’re not in the “life taking” business but rather the “life saving” business.

One of the MASSIVE benefits to establishing this relationship with violence is it removes an emotional response to the horror you just witnessed thus allowing you to react. We have all heard too many stories of individuals “freezing up” in high stress situations. These emotional actions can cause judgement mistakes that can lead to loss of your life as well as those around you that you may care about. One of the situations that I give individuals in my concealed carry classes is this mall scenario:

“There is an active shooter in the mall. It is a 6 foot tall male with a gun randomly shooting anyone they see. Can you shoot them?”

Invariably, everyone nods their head’s in agreement. The next thing I say is:

“Same scenario only the assailant is an 10 year old little girl”

It is at this moment where everyone’s eyes get big as reality sets in. The violence is EXACTLY the same but there is an emotional reaction to the attacker being a 10 year old girl.

The same can be said of the scenario of someone walking up randomly and shooting your wife or husband as you’re standing there. Are you going to freak out and start crying as it happened or are you going to handle the problem at hand before they decide to shoot you or your children standing next to you? If you’re under control, you may save EVERYONE’S life including your spouse that just ate a bullet by applying medical care that you learned in class. Don’t have that training? GET IT!

What are things you can do to cultivate your relationship with violence? The first thing I can suggest is to not shy away from these execution videos we see online. Watch them and develop an immunity. Think of each viewing as a vaccination program to your relationship with violence. Analyze how your react and make changes accordingly. I think to a quote I heard Tuhon Tom Kier state in a recent interview that said “Every time I watch those videos, I see myself as the one doing the beheading”. To take another Sayoc reference, be the feeder and not the receiver.

Doing combative arts with a level of intensity can also aid in it’s development. I find that the bladed arts are especially good for this due to the graphic nature of the content. Understand what it means to strike someone in the face and be struck in the face! When you shoot at a target, it’s not just a hit in the X Ring…’re killing the attacker! Think about what you are doing and use some imagination. Another thing that I dare say is that individuals can use violent video games to help. What? Really? Yeah, the military were the original ones who developed these games for this reason. They found that in combat, soldiers could shoot a paper targets all day long but had adverse emotion reactions to shooting at live individuals on the battlefield. Some even intentionally missed or would see blood and emotionally react to the sight. This is where the first person shooter was born. You get blood and realistic reactions to shooting someone on the battlefield thus these became a training tool. USE THEM to train your mind but do not believe this is a substitute for actual training.

All of this falls under the immensely vast topic of MINDSET. These are things that I discuss in all of my classes here at Ares Tactical Solutions. Everything we do is based on MINDSET and the cultivation of it. Through the cultivation of MINDSET, you are cultivating your relationship with violence and removing yourself from the status of “volunteering to be a victim” to a forged warrior.

“Violence doesn’t come from movies or video games or music. Violence comes from people. It’s about time people woke up from their 1960s haze and started being honest about violence again. People are violent, and that’s OK. You can’t legislate it away or talk your way around it. Based on the available evidence, there’s no reason to believe that world peace will ever be achieved, or that violence can ever be “stopped.” It’s time to quit worrying and learn to love the battle axe. History teaches us that if we don’t, someone else will.” – Jack Donovan “The Way of Men”

Hidden World of the Dark Side of Prepping

Hidden World of the Dark Side of Prepping

by Alan Moore

2014-07-09 16.10.59

“Fear is the path to the dark side” – Yoda

Without a doubt, the world of “prepping” is at it’s high point. All over the world, there are people getting serious about preparedness more than ever before. Some of this is due to shows like “Doomsday Preppers” but there are others who have been preparing before the term “prepping” was mainstream. They have their solar panels, grow/store their own food, collect rainwater and have a respectable amount guns and ammunition while living far off from the nearest city. These are your classical “preppers” that we all hear so much about. However, there is another niche group that we do not hear much about. They do not have large amounts of water stored, do not grow their own food nor do they have any real place to go. However, they know who does have what they need……YOU DO!

These individuals are what I like to call “dark side preppers”. We never hear much about them but there are far more than I feel comfortable knowing exist. They are the dirty little secret the prepper community doesn’t want to talk about. These individuals don’t worry a bit about storing food, water or anything of that nature. These people have decided that when the world goes to hell, their mindset will be that of a bandit. It’s really not anything new to this world when you think of times when lawlessness reigned supreme. If you search Third world countries that have fallen apart or are currently falling apart, you’ll see these people popping up. Right now, the cartels of Mexico have begun to do just as other groups have in places like Somalia when things began to structurally fall apart in their respective regions.

Signs of a “Dark Side Prepper”

If these so called “Dark Side Preppers” haven’t stocked up on food or water, why even call them “preppers” anyways? Do you for some reason believe that they haven’t been prepping? You see, they HAVE been preparing but not in the same way that most of the prepper world has. While you were storing up on food and water, they were buying guns and ammo. While you were springing for solar panels, they used their money to take some advanced firearms training classes so they could learn to run their weaponry on the same level as a special forces operator. You mapped out the best route for bugging out while they were mapping out the easiest route to the food distribution centers. They have extensive maps of the area with “hit zones” marked for preppers near them, grocery stores, drug stores, distribution centers and other areas of interest. Don’t think they have them? Guess again!

They will also not be some couch potato either. Most of the “dark siders” that I know are in very good condition and battle ready. They are mentally strong as well as physically capable of handling most individuals. They are trained in Hand to Hand combat as well as some knowledge of blade work. They are not “special ops” or “mall ninjas” but rather are just some guys that got some training. The ability to get trained is one of the biggest failures I have seen in the prepper community. The ones that are trained and take it seriously stand out as people who will survive rather than be food for these dark side locusts.

They may roam as a lone wolf but make no mistake about it…….all lone wolves eventually will find a pack. There is no argument in regards to the establishment of post collapse gangs that will do whatever is necessary to take care of their own. I have personally spoken to members of different street gangs who have told me their “prep plan” is precisely what I have just mapped out for you. They will take what they need, when they need it and establish themselves as the local warlord of that area. Inner city gangs are abundant and their danger needs not be embellished on but what about the rural gangs? In my opinion, this is where we see more of the localized mayhem begin to emerge. Small time, petty criminals forming an alliance in these rural areas because they know where the local farmers live.Most of your outlaw motorcycle gangs grew up in these rural areas so you could quickly see their presence in a rural setting. Remember that any gangs FIRST priority is to take care of the gang!

Typical “Dark Side Prepper” Kit

While your bug out kit may have things to help you survive, a dark sider is going to have things that allow them to take what they need. Things like:

*Body Armor

*Guns w/ LOTS of ammo

*Small Fire Axe (numerous uses but mainly for breaching)

*Bolt Cutters

*Duct Tape/zip ties (numerous uses but mostly for binding captives while they loot)


*Pry bar



*Medical / Blow out kit

This will be a lightweight kit that allows them to move from place to place efficiently. Like a locust, once they have absorbed all the resources in their given area, they will move on.

Methods of the Dark Side Prepper

One thing that is certain is that they will come eventually. What will be their method of attack? While we do not have a crystal ball to predict, there are some things that we can assume based off of criminal behavior and other post collapse events.

*Assault – This is just as it sounds…..they will come in hot and heavy! Guns blazing with an overwhelming show of force to either kill or force the occupant to flee. They attack from all angles where most prepper families wouldn’t have enough people to handle a reasonable defense.

*Coercion – This is where they will send a person to your door (most likely a female in need of help for all you white knights out there) and attack when you come to the door. It will either be from guys waiting within eyesight or from a sniper’s bullet you never see coming.

*Kidnapping – It’s amazing how much stuff you can get when you grab someone’s kid from their cozy prepper community and make demands. Sometimes, it even works with a family pet.

*Sniping – This is where they sit about 200 yards off and randomly put rounds through your house. Using optics and a spotter, they can pick you off and never put themselves in any real danger. I guess that course in Precision Rifle they took from Thunder Ranch really paid off, huh?

*Burn You Out – Yeah, they are gonna destroy things in the process but what better way to get a stubborn prepper who is holed up in his home outside than to just light it on fire and wait? It’s been done since man first learned how to make fire and is a tried and true tactic. Typically, this is only done if you have managed to keep them out of your home. Be prepared for them to attempt to sanitize you and your home w/ fire if you manage to hold them off.

*Smash and Grab – This is basically taking a large vehicle and using it to breach your property. In Iraq, they drive MRAPs through the front of the house of suspected Al Qaeda hold ups. Works fantastically for the shock and awe factor! Other robberies that I’ve heard of consisted of guys tying a homemade metal anchor to their truck via a heavy chain  and then throwing it through the window of a house. They drive off and rip the whole wall down! Trust me, I live in the South and Southerners are THIS creative.

What can you do then?

The first thing is just knowing that they do exist. Do NOT slack on your training…….sorry, shooting at paper targets is NOT training but rather practice. Know how they operate and the mentality that goes into their form of prepping. This will help you combat them because make no mistake about it……they WILL come eventually! Be prepared! Take all the situations that I laid out and build on it. Where is your house vulnerable? Where is your prep group/family weak? How can you improve? This is an aspect of the prep game that few consider and is a real disservice to the term “prepping” if you ask me.

Most of all…..GET TRAINED! Every class that they have privy too, you also have the same opportunity to take it as well. Skip those solar panels and take some classes! Meet them on equal ground and learn their tactics so that you can formulate an effective offensive strategy against them. You owe it to you families lives and to your community!

The real crazy thing to ask yourself is what will you do if all of your preps fall apart? What if you are forced to leave your home and all of your preps are lost? You may find that this was not a warning but rather an instruction manual when you are put into the position of having nothing with a starving family.

“The Dark Side is the pathway to many abilities that most consider……unnatural” – Darth Sidious

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The Smart Way to Carry Your Handgun

The Smart Way to Carry Your Handgun

by Alan Moore


A common question presented to most instructors in the field of firearms training, as it relates to concealed carry, is “where is the best place to conceal carry my handgun?” With the plethora of Hollywood ridiculousness combined with the need for comfortable concealed carry, instructors see a variety of different methods that the students employ to carry their handgun on a daily basis. Some are good and some are not so good, however most instructors are just happy to see their students carrying their handgun in general. Let’s analyze some of the good and not so good methods that typical concealed handgun carriers employ in their day to day activities.

Small of the Back

Let’s start off with one form of carry that falls into the “not so good” category. While this style of carry was popularized by Hollywood, it is the least desirable of concealed carry methods for several reasons. One those reasons is an impeded draw stroke. It requires an unnatural movement by the carrier of reaching behind the back in order to get the handgun out and on target. This is perhaps the most telegraphed draw stroke in the world and will not offer any benefits to the CCW holder if that worst cased scenario should unfold.

Another issue with this SOB carry is average gunfight statistics. Most encounters are gonna happen in close, conversational range. If your attacker closes the distance and manages to tie the CCW holder up, they are stuck with one hand behind their back and a gun stuck in the holster. What if grabbed from behind? Can you get your firearm into the fight? Of course there is always the old story of police officers falling backwards and being paralyzed by their SOB gun when they hit the concrete. The main reason most like this form of carry is comfort. However if you fracture your L1 through L5 vertebrae because you were pushed down by an assailant, comfort will be the least of your concerns.

Strong Side Hip


Perhaps the most popular location for CCW holders to carry their handgun would be strong side hip. This involves placing the handgun at around the 4 o’clock position for right handed shooters or 8 o’clock if you are a lefty. Carrying the handgun in such a position allows for more of a guarded draw by the CCW holder as well as preventing the flagging of other people by the muzzle upon drawing the weapon.

While this is a somewhat comfortable position to carry, it can present problems for the CCW holder as it relates to bending or sitting. This can create unsightly bulges in one’s shirt or jacket that screams “I’m carrying a gun” to everyone around. The other issue that still arrives here is that the draw is still a very telegraphed movement. It requires a large movement of the upper shoulder along with a high elbow in order to get the weapon into play. At close ranges, this could still be an issue as well as the whole “grabbed from behind” scenario we talked about before. The attacker could once again put the CCW holder in the position of the gun stuck in the holster while their buddy has a knife to your throat.

Appendix Carry


If there is one form of carry that is kind of the “black sheep” for CCW holders to adhere to, it’s Appendix Carry. This involves carrying the handgun at the 1 o’clock position. Of course, most men just immediately began shaking their heads but hear me out for a second. Upon drawing the weapon, how much movement do you need in order to clear the gun from the holster? All you have to do is bend your elbow, lifting your hand towards your front belt line. Not much telegraphing there by the carrier. If grabbed from behind, can you still get to your weapon? Yes, you can but what if they are in close conversational range? Can you not still bend your elbow while raising your hand to your belt line to clear your gun from the holster? Absolutely, you can! Even if knocked to the ground or sitting in your car, clearing the handgun from the holster with minimal movement becomes a breeze with Appendix Carry.

There are a few downsides though. Without even going into the issues of a gun in that region that makes all men cringe, let’s talk about the anatomical issues for the carrier. The femoral artery runs right along the area where the muzzle of the handgun will be pointing throughout the day and while you are drawing. Should someone fail to adhere to the Golden Rule of Firearms Safety “Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Till You’ve Made The Conscious Decision To Shoot”, there is a good chance of putting a round right through your leg. Striking the femoral artery is a potentially fatal wound which would need immediate medical attention to survive. The last issue is one of comfort. If the carrier happens to carry a little extra weight around the midsection, they may find this to be not so comfortable as the barrel will dig into the stomach and pelvic area.

 “The 2 to 3 o’clock Method”

For me personally, I tend to choose a “2 to 3 o’clock” carry method. This gives me the benefit of minimal movement upon drawing the handgun, ease of access from a variety of positions I may find myself in throughout the day or in a dangerous situation and gives me the comfort of not having a muzzle pointing at my manhood all day long. Personally, I prefer to angle the butt of the handgun forward to allow for a natural high grip as well as the ability to draw with my opposite hand in worse case scenarios. There are some methods that I did not cover such as ankle or pocket but these are positions that I tend to reserve primarily for back up handgun positions.


Everyone has opinions on where they prefer to carry. For me, mine are based off of experience as well as numerous force on force drills. As an instructor though, it makes me happy just to see students carrying. Nothing is worse than someone having the ability to carry concealed legally and not regularly exercising their rights. The common thing most say is that it’s not “comfortable” to carry. My response goes back to the old saying of “a gun shouldn’t have to be comfortable but rather comforting” on your person.

Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight

Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight

by Alan Moore


Most people who have been in the world of firearms have most likely heard the cliché saying of “never bring a knife to a gun fight” or some variation of that. To me, this has always been one of the most dangerous sayings in the firearms community. My training experience began in the world of the Filipino martial arts where each students knife skills are finely tuned. I have always understood the damage that a blade can do in a short amount of time, however many of my colleagues and students did not cut their teeth in this world as I did. Hopefully, we can change that today.

“Never bring a knife to a gun fight” is the saying we hear but when does the gun fight begin? You’re walking home and as you round the corner, a thug is standing there with a blade in hand and says “give me your wallet”. He’s standing about 3ft from you but you instinctively go for your sidearm. The thug takes a few steps and he’s on you! Before you know it, he’s stabbed you twice in the stomach and once in the neck before running off. This happened in a matter of seconds and your gun never cleared the holster.

Was this a “knife fight” or a “gun fight” we just played out here?


Immediately guys will start saying “situational awareness” or “run away/create distance” upon reading that scenario. Many factors are easily swept aside, sitting in the comfort of your living room while reading this article, that would be huge issues in the above scenario. Can you run if you are with your wife or child? What about your grandmother? You also have to take into account shock, adrenal dump and the “I have a gun factor” that people seem to have when they carry. No one lives in a constant state of alertness. It is a basic comfort that everyone affords themselves at times when things just aren’t supposed to go wrong. Unfortunately, these are the times that kill. There is not a man out there who have never been taken by surprise or had someone walk up on them that they did not know was there. It happens and it will happen simply because all of us are human.

Guys think that just because a gun makes a loud “boom” that it immediately becomes a much more deadly weapon than the blade. However, let’s take a look at the wound analysis for a second here. Both typically depend on cause of death being severe loss of blood pressure or central nervous system shutdown. Everyone gets impressed by those cool temporary wound cavities in ballistic gelatin but both do most of their damage from the primary wound track caused by the object. The only time that temporary cavity becomes an issue of injury is when it goes against a non-elastic organ such as the liver, kidney or brain. Other than that, everything just snaps right back into place in most cases. There is no snapping back into place with a blade. If the blade is two inches wide, it’s leaving a two inch cut and going however deep it can be plunged. Central nervous system stops for blade work becomes more of a complex issue that you typically won’t run into with most untrained attackers. I will say that I know some knife guys that do train to go for the ocular cavity and can do so in under a second from concealment.

I’m sure that we have all heard of the Tueller Drill or The 21ft Rule. This was developed by Sgt Dennis Tueller of the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Dept to discover how quickly an attacker with a knife could cover 21ft. He timed different attackers to see how long it would take them to run across the room and stab the officer before he could draw his gun to shoot. Through his studies, he found that the attacker could pull this off in roughly 1.5 seconds. Understand that this is 21 feet, so now let’s average this into normal conversational distance which is normally 3ft or closer. We also have to factor in the idea of drawing from concealment rather than open carry like the officers in the test.

Am I telling you all of this to tell you that you’re screwed if attacked by an assailant armed with a knife? Absolutely not! The reasoning for this article is solely based on a matter of respect and understanding. We must respect the blade and the damage that it can do in a short amount of time. Once we understand that the gun is not some magic force field that you can carry to save yourself from all manner of evil but, rather, is a tool to protect your life; steps can be taken to insure your survivability. The question is “what can we do, exactly, in this situation?”

The biggest mistake newcomers to gun vs knife, force on force, drills tend to make is that they go for the gun WAY too early. Remember, this is not a gun fight you’re in but rather a knife fight. You must handle the knife first and then change the parameters of the conflict. This is where learning some empty hand skills to defend against a knife wielding attacker will allow you to defend against the blade long enough to get control over it or make space to get your gun into the fight. It is at that point you have just turned this into a gun fight. There are a variety of different schools of reality based martial arts that will teach you how to handle these situations. At Ares Tactical Solutions, we have a specific program geared towards this very subject of “Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight”. Learning some basic tapping skills combined with some arm controls against resisting opponents gives a realistic understanding of just how difficult it can be to survive such a violent attack. The place to fail at controlling an armed suspect is not the street so find a good school where you can learn from those failures in a controlled environment.

The CCW holder can also begin to learn that the knife just doesn’t appear out of thin air. Simple things that can aid in survival is knowing where the blade can come from. The carrier can also begin to learn proper response to the attack such as guarding the flexor tendons on the inside of your forearm by using the back of the hand/forearm to parry the attack. Sometimes these moments in time are all that we need to create space, get that gun into action and change the parameters of the conflict from knife fight to gun fight.

Truth of the matter is, when attacked by a knife, it is only a “gun fight” when the gun clears the holster and you are able to put rounds on the intended assailant. If these two things do not happen, you are still in a knife fight. It doesn’t take much time for an individual to do a bit of online research seeing a variety of knife attacks from across the globe. All of them have one thing in common which is the knife is felt before it is seen. The attacks are highly aggressive and give little time for making space. Without proper training in the ability to handle a knife wielding attacker, you will most likely get cut or severely wounded. There is an old saying in the world of blade work that the loser goes to the morgue and the winner goes to the hospital. Learn to tip those odds so you change the parameters of the fight, bypass the hospital and go home safely each night.

In the end, it’s all about attaining the skills to decide exactly what kind of fight you are going to have.


How Much Ammo Will Save Your Life?

How Much Ammo Will Save Your Life?

By Alan Moore


How many times have you been at the local gun shop and heard the phrase “if I need more than 6 shots, I need more time at the range” uttered from someone’s mouth? As someone who has spent their fair share of time in the gun world, this has become one of the classic “gun cliche” phrases spoken religiously by many gun enthusiasts. Is this phrase true though? Why even carry a reload in a self defense situation when a few well placed shots should seal the deal?

While there is merit to accuracy over volume of shots, the importance of having enough ammo to protect yourself in a dangerous situation cannot be overlooked. Every single animal on this planet was built for durability and the human animal is no different. There are numerous case studies of people under the influence of drugs or who just woke up with the attitude of “I am not going to die today” that saw them absorb numerous lethal wounds yet keep killing. I don’t believe there is a single individual in the gun community who hasn’t heard the infamous Massad Ayoob “Real Life Terminator” story. This incident saw a man high on a PCP induced rage soak up bullet after bullet before finally being stopped.

However, one does not have to be drug laced in order to be born with that fighting spirit that the human animal possesses. If we look back into history at the well documented case of the 1986 FBI Miami shootout involving Michael Lee Platt and William Russell Matix; we see two individuals absorbing multiple rounds before finally succumbing to their wounds. Matix took two initial shots to the head and neck and yet stayed in the fight while absorbing an additional 3 shots to the cranium before being stopped. Platt took an unbelievable 9 rounds of various bullet sizes including 9mm, 357 and 12 gauge before finally being stopped. Coroner reports stated that the first initial wound that Platt suffered was a fatal wound that collapsed his lung yet this gunfight was an unbelievable 5 minutes of horror.

While not all of us expect to run into a “real life terminator” or a Platt and Matix in our daily lives; active shooter scenarios have become a very real aspect of our modern society. Unfortunately, we are not granted with the knowledge of knowing whether we have met a “Terminator” or a Platt and Matix on that given day. Our responsibility to be ready for that day is vital should that unfortunate incident arrive.

One other aspect not considered by many is the idea of the malfunction during a personal defense situation. There are many people in the world of concealed carry who mistakenly shun the idea of carrying a additional magazine along with their 15 round magazine in their carry gun.
Every modern firearm is a machine and machines do malfunction. While we all like to believe that our chosen handgun will work flawlessly for us during our time of need; you are still dealing with a machine. Instances of bad ammo, bad magazines or double feeds will require another magazine handy and accessible for the CCW holder. For me, it’s always been kind of like carrying a spare tire. Our cars already have four that have worked every other day, flawlessly, however on the day that something happens to one of those tires; I sure will appreciate that I have that extra tire waiting for me in the trunk.

How about round capacity for your carry gun? My thoughts have always been that when exchanging gun fire, anytime I’m not shooting means that I’m closer to losing this gunfight. There really isn’t a longer period of time one can possibly imagine than the time it takes to reload in a critical situation. With bullets flying past your head, fumbling with your magazine is really the last thing you want to have to consider. Everyone likes the single stack gun or the pocket gun for CCW because they can look better in skinny jeans but underestimating the potential threat or your response to that threat could prove to be fatal.

As I’ve heard firearms trainer Gabe Suarez put it, “I’m not one to rely on Lady Luck but I do find that the more bullets I fire, the luckier I get”. Having personally been in potentially life threatening situations where I may need my firearm, I can tell you that my first thought was if I had enough bullets in my gun. That, my friends, is not a comforting thought to have when your life is being threatened.

NOW AVAILABLE: SC Concealed Weapons Permit Classes

Ares Tactical Solutions is proud to announce that we are now offering SC Concealed Weapons Permit Classes. These classes do not only meet the requirements of SLED for the issuance of an SC CWP but FAR exceeds those standards. In our 8+ hour course, the student will be taken on the path of understanding the responsibility and importance of being a SC Concealed Weapons Permit holder.

While we understand that use of deadly force in a situation should be avoided at ALL costs…….there are times when it is unavoidable and as a responsible armed citizen, you must know the rules of the road.

In our extensive class, the student will learn:

*SC Laws as it relates to the use of force and concealed carry
*Proper weapons manipulation
*Pistol and Ammunition Knowledge
*Safe Gun Handling and Safe/Proper Storage
*Basic Fundamentals of Combative Pistol Shooting
*Basic Pistol Maintainence and Care
*A combative drawstroke designed to optimize reaction time to a threat
*Proper sight alignment and ways to cultivate this skill
*Combat mindset
*Cover vs Concealment
*Scenario training to more efficiently cultivate proper mindset
*Live fire drills
*Attire, gear, etc
*Vehicle carry
*Where personal defense ends and murder begins (NEED TO KNOW)

While many classes focus on giving the bare minimum to squeeze people through, at Ares Tactical Solutions, our goal is to provide the highest quality of training available to the average citizen so that they may assure a safe yet well armed society.

Our SC Concealed Weapons Permit Class instruction will cost $90 per student.

The student will be responsible for all fees payable to SLED for the State fees, fingerprint cards, etc.

We provide each student with the application packet to send to SLED which includes:

* The SC CWP Application (address listed on the application is where the permit will be mailed)
* A color copy of the student’s driver’s license (address on license & application must match)
* 2 sets of fingerprint cards
* Certificate of Training

The student will provide the $50 certified check or money order made payable to South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

You will need to bring:
* A handgun (semi-automatic or revolver) in the caliber of your choice
* 75-100 rounds of ammunition
* A strong-side hip holster and belt (no cross-draw or shoulder holsters)
* Eye protection and Ear protection
* Pen and paper for taking notes
* Weather appropriate clothing

If you do not have a gun for the required live fire training/test, please let us know ahead of time and one can be provided for you.

A written exam and live-fire qualification are required to complete the course. The written exam is 50 questions that come from the classroom material. The live fire qualification is 50 rounds fired at a life-sized silhouette target. 70% is passing on each. Before either of these tests are taken, ALL information for both tests will be covered THOROUGHLY beforehand.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding class times or wish to have a private class for you and your friends; please contact us for more information at 843-373-9221  or at


For Class Information or Questions, contact us at or at 843-373-9221

Our goal is to provide the student with the confidence and knowledge to truly find themselves NEVER unarmed in this world! Even in the presence of no “weapons”, they are still armed and equally as deadly. We pride ourselves on being “outside the box” to provide THE MOST COMPLETE training experience the student could possibly ask for. This is the goal of the warrior……..absolute perfection in his craft.

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Be sure to keep track of our class schedule so we may keep you updated on classes as they become available.

Remember, we do not rise to our level of expectations but rather fall to our level of training. There are two types of people, trained and untrained. Which are you? Which would you like to be? The ball is in your court.